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Being able to match the wine for all occasions is fundamental to pull off an event. If you have to organize a meeting, a fair or an inauguration, Vinidocfriuli makes it possible for you to match a perfect choice of wines to your event, fresh sparkling wines for the aperitifs, whites for fish, reds for meat and to accompany dessert, bubbles and excellent dessert wines

The wines are the undisputed protagonists which accompany an important occasion and can mean the successful outcome of a party or event.

The choice of wine is fundamental to enhance the aromas, fragrances and flavours of food and it must be in harmony with the style of the event. The choice of wine is a personal decision which characterizes the party and yet must be in line with the theme of the event.

Write an e-mail to info@vinidocfriuli.it to request advice from our experts who will guide you in your choice of wine to accompany the dishes at your wedding or banquet and they will put together a quote which meets your needs.